ECS 210 Week 1 Blog Post

I think one way to begin is to understand to most,common sense is the way things are done – without being questioned. Individuals who decide to push the envelope or do things in a different manner are often oppressed and criticized for doing things wrong.

Kumashiro helps understand common sense as differing from one person to another, there is no generic formula to follow and acceptance is essential if we want to continue to grow as people.  He discusses how common sense can limit possibility and can obstruct how students can learn because of the differences among each student.

in my own experience, I hear the expression “ common sense isn’t that common”, which should be viewed as a way for people leave their comfort zone and begin to broaden their perspectives from one person to another.

it is important to pay attention to common sense because it evolves and changes.  There isn’t one way only in order to get the same result and it continuously leaves individuals in pursuit of learning new and exciting things. Acceptance is the most important piece when it comes to understanding what it is because as more people become understanding of others beleifs or traditions, they create a connection and begin to share ideas and their ways of knowing through networking and connecting on a deeper level.  Common sense isn’t a limitation and shouldn’t be treated as such, let’s open our minds to new possibilities and create a sense we can all have in common, a sense of acceptance.



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