ECS 210 week 3

“Since the real purpose of education is not to have the instructor perform certain activities but to bring about significant changes in the students’ pattern of behaviour, it becomes important to recognize that any statements of objectives of the school should be a statement of changes to take place in the students”. (Tyler 1949: 44)

I don’t think the goal of Education is based on changing the patterns of students. A student may have a pattern because it is a mechanism they use in learning and growing, I feel it isn’t up to the student to change these patterns that may be successful to them, it is up to the teacher to find ways to allow the student to feel comfortable and transition their way of teaching to reach each individual student.

What I get from this statement is the trust factor a teacher has in students is something that wouldn’t exist. A student needs to feel they are valued in a classroom and Tyler turns a teacher /student relationship into a process of changing the ways of knowing within the student population. How can we expect a student to change, if we as a teacher haven’t developed a rapport and a trusting relationship, but according to Tyler it is irrelevant.

My understandings Of curriculum are to expose students to ways of thinking differently, but not expecting them to change how to approach each piece that may be covered. Curriculum pushes students to understand how to think critically and gives them problem solving tendencies which will prepare them for difficult situations they may encounter. But it does not mean students need to change who they are in order to be successful with curriculum.

I don’t look forward to teaching because of curriculum, I look forward to the relationships that will be gained and the experiences we expose students to in order to prepare them for new and exciting things.


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