ECS 210 Week 4

Often in a classroom the oppressed student is the one who seems like they are not paying attention or show no interest in the material being covered.  That student is often left with their hand up if they in fact to have a question based on the teachers previous experiences with that particular student. These students are often given a short leash by the teacher and they are deemed time occupiers.

These students are often not challenged by the material or do not respond to the method in which it is being taught. We as teachers must understand how to notice the signs that they are leaving a student behind and understand to to renegade that student. Often it is allowing the student an opportunity to be creative with how they are learning and to encourage them to showcase different possibilities in coming to a desired outcome.

Educztion in classrooms has been thought to be – teachers talk, students listen.  If you don’t listen you won’t learn. In fact this process can be detrimental to a high percentage of students as they become lost in their own thought or what is actually going on in their surroundings. A classroom needs to be full of diversity when it comes to presenting information and learning it. Students who are engaged are enjoying whatever you we as teachers are selling. It gives them a purpose to learn and a drive to pursue deeper critical thinking which is a key in problem solving.

The student who may not seem like they want to be there will in fact surprise us as teachers, but it takes a little effort on our part to find ways to bring that student to a place they rarely get to, a place where they feel valued in a classroom and an opportunity to learn the way that works best for them, it isn’t about us.


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