ECS 210 Week 6

Week 6

i think the most important thing I noticed about decolonization is the Mushkegowuk ways of knowing and the understanding of the word  paquataskamic meaning natural environment. An ongoing project to preserve their culture and traditions to help connect elders with community youth allows them to better understand relationships, territories and the fractured relationships that are created through what we know as colonization.

Preserving a culture will give a culture their identity back that was taken from them, thus piecing together a broken relationship with the land that is sacred. Ways of knowing first begin with the land and decolonization – withdrawing from a former colony – is a necessity in order for the Mushkegowuk to retain their cultural traditions.

I am a Health Major and Gender Sexual Diversity is a subject area that has a history of oppression just as the First Nations and treaties.  Acceptance of community youth regardless of their identity is mandatory in developing rapport and creating a trusting relationship within the classroom.  As a teacher in a classroom, especially when it comes to Gender and Identity, it is imperative that we set a zero tolerance to bullying or harassment in order to make any student feel comfortable who may be gender diverse.

The biggest thing for me is to understand the importance of pronouns such as he, him, she, her or they and them.  If there are gender diverse students, we as teachers need to use the terminology that best fits each student.  If a gender diverse student identifies as something different than their anatomical make up, we need to respect who they are and how they identify by using the pronoun they choose to fit who they are .



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