ECS week 8

When I was in school 15 years ago, the concept of citezenship education wasn’t something that I was aware of as a student. To me, I was in school reciting information for each teacher who taught a specific subject. The expectation of us as students was to sit in our desk, quiet and await instruction on how to particularly do a certain task. It’s a little different today.

I think today, the main objective of this type of education is to help the student acquire a sense of individual and community responsibilities. Educators are shifting their focus to helping students first identify themselves as a person who has value. It’s about teaching kids to first respect themselves and that will transfer into respecting others and listening to what they have to say.

As we teach individual responsibilities, students may or may not be aware that we are also teaching them community responsibilities. Contributing throughout their community prepares them to communicate with others, and understand how to give and receive feedback.

Yes content is important, but student behaviour and teaching them to use the skill learned and applying them into real world situations is just as important. If we as educators haven’t provided out students an opportunity to critically think and problem solve for themselves, have we truely prepared them for the situations they encounter as they move along in life.

Fiznlly, being a good person will help students achieve more as they have developed communication skills and the ability to develop rapport with others. Most careers require teamwork, and a student who learns how to work well with others through respectful communication is a student who is on a path toward a successful education.


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