ECS 210 week 10

How has your upbringing/schooling shaped how you you “read the world?” What biases and lenses do you bring to the classroom? How might we unlearn / work against these biases?
Which “single stories” were present in your own schooling? Whose truth mattered?

I was brought up with an understanding that hard work is rewarded.  I do agree with parts of this, the fact that individuals who do put an effort in and continually work to become successful will see improvements within their lives.  But I also think we as teachers do not want to perpetuate our students by giving them false hope as they think if they work hard, results are guaranteed – because they aren’t.  As a youth i was always told, you can be whatever you want to be, but in reality so many things can happen, but others are unattainable.  Obviously as teachers, we dont want to tell our students their dreams of becoming something are just that – dreams, but we want them to leave as many doors and opportunities open in the future so they have every option available to be successful in the future.

I think a theme when I went to school was an attitude from both peers and teachers which revolved around students who were expected to pursue a future in secondary education and those who were thought of as inferior and would find a job to work the rest of their lives.  I think students who didnt have any plan after school was complete were thought of as inferior to those students who knew what they wanted, and these students were given opportunity to grow in preparation for their next chapter.  It wasn’t considered a successful graduation if a student planned on finding a job at the mine and working, instead, a student who strived for furthering their education was credited at graduation for “bettering their lives” and given “best of luck in the future.  The funny part of it all is the amount of money, free time and lifestyle those who chose to work at the mine has given them, is something that myself as a future teacher wont even come close to, so the joke is on who?


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